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Land As an investment

Take a look at what we have to offer.  Whether it is a plot of land to build a hunting cabin or a spectacular parcel of real estate for sale on Maine's bold rocky coastline, we have something for everyone.

The great state of Maine is a place deeply rooted in family values, friendly neighbors and an abundance of outdoor activities that will keep you busy year round.  All while still providing a all of the modern amenities needed to for business or for pleasure.

With the stock market constantly fluctuating and the almost-negligible interest your money accrues sitting in a savings account.  Maine properties including waterfront real estate have shown a impressive increase in values on annual basis.  Although, prices have increased substantially over the years our price structure still is considered modest compared to land prices in other markets.  Which creates affordability for middle-income people.

The Great State Of maine

Real Estate For Sale

Welcome to Coastal Acreage Incorporated.  We have been working for over 40 years in Real Estate helping people to find their idea of the perfect piece of Maine.  Each property offered through Coastal Acreage Inc. website belongs to Coastal Acreage Inc. or one of it's subsidiaries.  Whether it's from the over 5,000 miles of coastline, on the 6,000-plus lakes and ponds, or the millions of acres of forests that cover Maine's landscape.  With Maine's four distinct seasons there is an activity for everyone, from snowmobiling in the winter, leaf-peeping during the fall, gardening during the spring, to water-skiing and hiking over Maine's wonderful summers.  Coastal Acreage Inc. has always maintained a high expectation out of every parcel that has been sold under it's name, making sure that deeds are clear of any encumbrances, easy to access road frontage, clearing the land of debris, all the way to fast and easy closings.  With activity increasing of late, current available properties will again may not be available at these attractive prices over the long-term.